Body Double Casting

Asche H. casts and polishes head and body doubles. These are necessary for creating perfectly fitted wearable prosthetics and costume pieces. Foam, plaster, resin, and concrete are just a few of the available outcomes.

ROLE: Body Double Silicone mold making, material casting, cast polish and sealing

Stop-Motion Sculpture for Coleman Company

Asche H. was contracted by Worker Studio to help create a stop-motion short to be pitched to Coleman Company. The first of what will become a series, the short features an unlikely pair of camping buddies and showcases the latest of Coleman's line of camping gear.

ROLE: character design, armature logistics, sculpted assets

Character Sculpture for Teegla* Transmedia

Teegla* Transmedia took an interest in 3D printing and wanted sculptures of characters from their 'Hover' comics, and other curated properties. Some are produced in oil clay, other in Super Sculpey.

ROLE: character design, sculpted assets

Sphinx Headresses for Arise Music Festival

These headresses were designed, sculpted, and cast for the gatekeepers of Wisdom Village at Arise Music Festival 2018. The mask process involved sulfur-free oil clay, silicone molds, resin casting, paint, and distress.

ROLE: Sculpted assets, mold making, casting, surface treatment

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