2D Animation

Animated Shorts

'6eor6e' animated short

This is a memorial short for the graduating class of George Washington High School, 1966. Worker Studio LLC contracted Asche Helling to execute nearly every part of the tradigital process. The animated portion is 60 seconds long and took 3.5 months to design and complete.

ROLE: concept design, character design, layouts, storyboarding, 2d animation (keys, inbetweens, cleanup), production schedule management

Animated Promo for DPW, City of Denver

The Department of Public Works in Denver, Colorado wanted an animated promo to help launch their new interactive app. Worker Studio contracted Asche H. to help create the short.

ROLE: character design, illustrated assets, 2D animation assistance (inbetweens, cleanup) under Brian Ferguson

'Speakeasy Island' Edutainment Series

Post Modern Media Services needed a series of classically animated explainer videos to support their client's lectures about the concept of wealth. Worker Studio contracted Asche H. to help create 8 animated shorts.

ROLE: concept design, layout design, illustrated assets, 2d animation (keys, inbetweens, cleanup), project leadership

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